A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

FlingShot is a game made for the Ludum Dare #39 game jam (compo) in under 48 hours. The game is a prototype please treat is as such.

FlingShot is a game about a sidekick who has to help out the hero in saving "countless" lives during various disasters. You have telekinetic powers and you have to fling people to safety. Be careful with your power though because humans are pretty fragile and can be harmed during the process. If everyone is in safety before the hero runs out of his power then you win the day...or do you?

Just click on a human to pick him up and hold the mouse button to drag him around. When you let go of the mouse button you let go of the human as well. (NOTE: To skip the dialog, press the Escape key.)

Hope you enjoy this little game jam game. This is my first finished entry to the LudumDare game jam so I did enjoy creating it :)

Install instructions

NOTE: I only tested the Windows version of the builds. The Linux and Mac builds are just built, but not tested on an actual device. In case of any error with the builds please feel free to contact me.


FlingShot_Win.zip 16 MB
FlingShot_Linux.zip 34 MB
FlingShot_Mac.zip 18 MB