You were on a scout mission with your well trained comrades when all of a sudden a giant wormhole appeared and millions and millions of enemy ships arrived to the battlefield. You got the command not to fall back as you can hold them until your reinforcements of battering ships arrive to clear the space. Your team did as much as they could but it seemed that the reinforcements weren't coming. One by one they are taken out until you are the only one left. The ship's resources are not endless and although still surviving, you are down to your very last bullet. In your final moment of bravery you don't flee but switch on the kinetic manipulator, fire the very last of your ammunition, grab it in space and try to fight your way through the seemingly endless hordes of enemy ships with that one last bullet. How long will you last?


(How to play)

You can move the bullet around the screen with the mouse.
Your ship will follow the horizontal position of your bullet.
Slam the bullet into the enemy ships to destroy them, while trying to avoid them and their projectiles with your ship.
Get points for every destroyed enemy and try to survive as long as you can.

Developer's Note:

This is a GMTK 2019 GameJam entry. I had 48 hours to make the game (for the theme "only one") so some parts weren't finished in time. I know there's a lot of space to improve, in sound quality, visual effects, enemy balancing, additional features and so on. But please bear in mind that this was made under a certain time limit. I had some features in mind that due to the short creation time, didn't get implemented. Here's a small list:
- pick-ups (health, bombs, lasers, on-hit-kill, etc.)
- boss battles
- ship upgrades
- other game-modes (timed challenges, pre-made levels, etc.)
- way more and more interesting, mixed enemy squad setups (currently "only" has 12)
- some kind of story and ending
- custom music for the game
- an options menu...


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This game has a really interesting concept! I am absolutely terrible at it, but it was really cool to figure out the twist behind it! 

Plus, I got a score of 420, so that is nice.