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Have you ever had the situation when you had to chose between having a party-night with your friends or having an awesome boardgame session with your other friends? Neither have I. But imagine if you could combine those two. Dice Dice Revolution is the perfectly "incompatible" combination of digital board games and rhythm based dancing games.

The point of the game is to get the most scores possible by completing combos, setting up Perfect and Fantastic matches with each turn.

Currently there are two game modes in the game:
- "Quick boogie": The high-score mode where you have to get the most points in 10 turns
- "All night long": An endless mode where you can practice your moves

Later I might add the possibility to customise the game ("Organize party"), like how many turns you want to play and how difficult the arrow combinations should be but due to time constrains I couldn't create the menu screen for the game customisation screen.

I don't know if I will be able to add music...so if you don't hear music in a rhythm game...well, sorry. If you do and it's horrible then sorry again :)


The point of the game is to match up the arrow-tiles you step on (they light up when you step on them) with the arrows shown in the current row at the top. (top-most row) 
Arrow tiles:
You have to step on the correct tiles, while trying to not miss any of them or stepping on the wrong arrows. You can only step to adjacent tiles in 8 directions but you can not step on the tile you are already standing on, always keep that in mind when ending a turn.

Each time you step on an arrow tile you build up your combo that multiplies your score at the end of each turn. If you step on the centre "for a quick break" you reset your combo meter.

There are also special tiles that are activated when stepped on. (Every special tile only can be activated once per turn.)
Perfect tiles:
If you step on a "Perfect" tile you get a 2x multiplier to your current turn score. If you manage to step on both "Perfect" tiles in one turn you get the "Fantastic" multiplier which is a 5x mutliplier. This resets with every new turn.
Card tiles:
When you step on a card tile you pull one card from the deck. This card can have different effects, like adding to the scores, giving you additional steps on the next turn or offering free "Perfect" or even "Fantastic" multipliers.


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